Digitalizing Supply Chain Strategy with 3D Printing

Publication TypeFunded research projects
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia; Joaquim Minguella
Type of participationleader
Funding organizationAccenture Technology Labs
PartnersAccenture Technology Labs (Silicon Valley), Accenture Analytics Innovation Center (Barcelona), Fundació CIM-UPC
Project codeI-01326
Key Wordsresearch; supply chain optimization; manufacturing; 3D printing; project; private; competitive; Accenture
AbstractThe aim of this research project is to study the advantages of the ultra-postponement with 3D printing (UP3DP) using the analytical tools of operational research (OR). 3D printing (3DP) is a revolutionary technology that is changing the paradigm of the supply chain management allowing delayed and tailored production under demand. However it is still to determine to which extend producers can take profit of the massive integration of this technology in their supply chain strategy: how to distribute 3DP devices among the different production plants? Which kind of technology is more appropriate? What are the benefits of this integration, both from the point of view of the manufacturer’s profit and client’s experience? We expect to find answers to all these questions with the help of the mathematical optimization models and algorithms of the operational research.
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