Congratulations Dr. Cristina Corchero!

 Dr. Heredia (left) and Corchero (right).Yesterday February 2 my doctorate student, and friend, Cristina Corchero presented her Ph. D. dissertation on optimal bids in electricity markets. Dr. Corchero developed stochastic programming optimization models to find the optimal bid curve that integrates bilateral and future contractes in the sequence of short-term MIBEL's electricity markets.

The members of the examination panel were prof. Stein-Erik Fleten , from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, prof. Andres Ramos from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and prof. Jordi Castro, from the  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. After a very interesting discussion they agreed to give the maximum qualification, Cum Laude, to the research work of Ms. Corchero. I would like to thank the members of the examination committe for their  interesting comments and analysis of the thesis contributions. I'm also very grateful with prof. Pilar Muñoz and  prof. Marcos J. Rider for their collaboration in the supervision of the thesis.

And, of course, my most sinceres congratulations to Dr. Cristina Corchero.

Anounce of Cristina Corchero's PhD Thesis defense

 It is my pleasure to announce that next wednesday February 2, Cristina Corchero, member of the GNOM research group , will defense the PhD. Thesis dissertation
which I proudly supervised. All of you are welcome to the dissertation defense that will take place on February 2 at 11.00 am in the Sala d'Actes of the Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística, UPC, Barcelona.

Collaboration agreement with Fersa Energías Renovables

 Professors Narcis Nabona and F.-Javier Heredia visited the headquarters of Fersa Energías Renovables at Barcelona. Fersa Energías Renovables is the first independent company to be quoted in the Spanish stock market and one of the first in Europe dedicated exclusively to the development of clean energy. As a result of the meeting, Fersa and GNOM agreed to engage a collaboration to study the optimal integration of renewable energies in the energy production systems, and to incorporate Ms. Simona Scripante, electricity market analist of Fersa and student of the Master in Statistics and Operations Research of the UPC-BarcelonaTech, as a member of the GNOM's energy team.

New paper accepted for publication in Annals of Operations Research

The work A stochastic programming model for the optimal electricity market bid problem with bilateral contracts for thermal and combined cycle units of F.-Javier Heredia, Marcos J. Rider and C. Corchero has been accepted for publication in the journal Annals of Operations Research. A preliminary version of the manuscript is available at E-Prints UPC This study, which was developed as a part of the research project DPI2008-02153,  allows a price-taker generation company to decide the unit commitment of the thermal and combined cycle programming units, the economic dispatch of the bilateral contract between all the programming units and the optimal sale bid by observing the Spanish peninsular regulation.

New paper accepted for publication in Computers & Operations Research

 The work A Stochastic Programming Model for the Thermal Optimal Day-Ahead Bid Problem with Physical Futures Contracts of C. Corchero and F.-Javier Heredia, has been accepted for publication in the journal Computers & Operations Research (DOI:10.1016/j.cor.2011.01.008). A preprint version of the manuscript is available at The goal of this work, which was developed as a part of the research project DPI2008-02153,  is to optimize coordination between physical futures contracts and the day-ahead bidding which follow the MIBEL's regulation. The authors propose a stochastic quadratic mixed-integer programming model which maximizes the expected profits, taking into account futures contracts settlement.

Collaboration agreement with the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research

 Last December 15 I visited, together with the members of the energy team of the GNOM research group, the headquarters of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research. The board of this institution is comprised by representatives of the Spanish and Catalonian governments, catalonian universities and private sector companies, and its mission is to promote the research in the energy field and the dissemination of this research in collaboration with several major Spanish energy utilities.

The objective of the meeting was to undertake common research projects related the integration of renewevable energies in the electricity production system, specifically in the optimal management of microgrids and the design of the transmission network of offshore wind farm.

Meeting with the electricity market division board of Gas Natural Fenosa

 Gas Natural Fenosa is one of the major Spanish electrical utililties operating in the Iberian Electricity Market. Gas Natural Fenosa participates in the three years research project of the GNOM research group :

Short- and Medium-Term Multimarket Optimal Electricity Generation Planning with Risk and Environmental Constraints

This project, where I participate as head researcher, is granted by the National Programme for Fundamental Research Projects of the Spanish government. Last December 14 prof. Narcís Nabona, Ms. Cristina Corchero and me, members of the GNOM research group, visited the headquarters of gas Natural Fenosa in Madrid for a meeting with the board of the electricity market division of Gas Natural Fenosa. During the meeting we explained the progress, discussed the results and presented the future work of the research project. Follow this link to see the slides of the presentation.


Exploratory Workshop on Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming at Sevilla

The Mathematical Research Institute of the University of Sevilla (IMUS) organized this Explanatory Workshop on MINLP were some of the most outstanding specialist on nonlinear mixed integer programming discussed the state of the art of the algorithms, applications and computing challenges of this difficult field of optimization. I attended the workshop motivated by my interest in solving some class of quadratic mixed integer programming problems arising in the field of the electricity market optimization.  

New proceeding paper published at IEEEXplore

 The work "Optimal Day-Ahead Bidding in the MIBEL's Multimarket Energy Production System" by Cristina Corchero and F.-Javier Heredia presented at the 7th Conference on European Energy Market EEM10 has been published as a full text proceeding article by the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineering. Click here to see the entry on the IEEEXplore (previously published as research report DR 2010/** ).


Conference on Numerical Optimization and Applications in Engineering (NUMOPEN-2010)

The Centre de Recerca Matemàtica   (Center for Mathematical Research) organized on October 13 and 14 the Conference on Numerical Optimization and Applications in Engineering. The workshop provided a forum for researchers working on different aspects of optimization to present their recent discoveries, and to interact with people working on complementary aspects of optimization and mathematical programming. I was kindly invited to present the talk "Electricity Market Optimization: finding the best bid through stochastic programming".


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