Optimal Bidding Strategies for Thermal and Combined Cycle Units in the Day-ahead Electricity Market with Bilateral Contracts

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHeredia, F.-Javier; Rider, Marcos.-J.; Corchero, C.
Conference Name2009 Power Engineering Society General Meeting
Series TitleProceedings of the Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2009. IEEE
Conference Date26-30/07/2009
Conference LocationCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Type of WorkContributed oral presentation
ISSN Number1944-9925
ISBN Number978-1-4244-4241-6
Key Wordsresearch; stochastic programming; electricity markets; day-ahead market, bilateral contracts; Combined Cycle Units; optimal bid
AbstractThis paper developed a stochastic programming model that integrated the most recent regulation rules of the Spanish peninsular system for bilateral contracts in the dayahead optimal bid problem. Our model allows a price-taker generation company to decide the unit commitment of the thermal and combined cycle programming units, the economic dispatch of the BC between all the programming units and the optimal sale bid by observing the Spanish peninsular regulation. The model was solved using real data of a typical generation company and a set of scenarios for the Spanish market price. The results are reported and analyzed.
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