Project DPI2008-02153: 2on year progress meeting with Gas Natural Fenosa

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia; Narcís Nabona; Cristina Corchero
Conference NameDPI2008-02153 progress meeting
Conference Date14/12/2010
Conference LocationMadrid, Spain
Type of WorkMeeting with the electricity market dicision board pf Gas Natural Fenosa
Key Wordsresearch; electricity market; MIBEL; DPI2008-02153
AbstractGas Natural Fenosa is one of the major spanish electrical utililties operating in the Iberian Electricity Market. Gas Natural Fenosa participates in the three years research project

Short- and Medium-Term Multimarket Optimal Electricity Generation Planning with Risk and Environmental Constraints

This project is granted by the National Programme for Fundamental Research Projects of the Spanish government. Several members of the GNOM research group visited last December 14 the headquarters of gas Natural Fenosa in Madrid for a meeting with the board of the electricity market division of Gas Natural Fenosa. During the meeting, the GNOM team explained the progress, discussed the results and presented the future work of the research project.

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