VI Barcelona Global Energy Challenges

Publication TypeConference/School/Seminar attendance
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia
Conference NameVI Barcelona Global Energy Challenges
Event TypeConference
Conference OrganiserInstitut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya; MIT Industrial Liason Program; b_TEC
Conference Dates2-3/06/2011
Conference LocationBarcelona, Spain
Key Wordsresearch; energy; efficiency; sustainability
AbstractIn view of the changing energy paradigm in which we find ourselves, where concepts such as the security of supplies, the environment and energy efficiency have drastically changed the political and social model applied to conventional sources of energy, what will be the energy challenges over the next few years? Given the various alternatives currently possible for changing sources of energy supply and the business models in place with regard to consumption, how can we anticipate future developments? Which options will be most successful? What are the technological challenges that the best universities, the best research centres and the best businesses are trying to overcome? To what degree can we anticipate the future focus of energy innovation? It is these and other questions on which we will focus and attempt to answer at the conference: Barcelona Global Energy Challenges, which will be attended by lecturers from MIT, and the most representative businesses and organisations from the energy sector that are spearheading the changes in this technological model. This is the sixth edition of the Barcelona Global Energy Challenges, which, once again, will take place in Barcelona on the 2nd and 3rd of June.
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