Generalized Unit Commitment

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsHeredia, F. J.; Beltran, C.
Conference NameApplied Mathematical Programming and Modellization (APMOD 2004)
Conference Date21-23/06/2004
Conference LocationBrunel University, Uxbridge, UK.
Type of WorkInvited oral presentation
Key Wordsaugmented lagrangian relaxation; generalized unit commitment; radar multiplier method; research
AbstractThe Generalized Unit Commitment problem (GUC) extends the unit commitment problem by adding the transmission network. A full-network modelization of the GUC problem is presented. In this model, all non-binary variables of the problem can be represented as flows of the so called Hydro-Thermal-Transmission Network (HTTN), including those representing incremental and decremental spinning reserve. The result is a large scale nonlinear mixed optimization problem that is solved with the Radar Multiplier method, a novel two-phase dual technique based on augmented Lagrangian relaxation and variable duplication. The computational implementation of the proposed model and method, both in FORTRAN and AMPL, are described. The numerical solution of several instances of the GUC problem will be presented and discussed, showing the capability of the model and solution technique to cope with real-world instances of the GUC problem.
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