Planificación de la generación eléctrica a corto y largo plazo en un mercado liberalizado con contratos bilaterales (DPI2005-09117-C02-01).

Publication TypeFunded research projects
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia
Type of participationFull time researcher
Funding organizationMinisterio de Educación y Ciencia
PartnersDepartament d'Estadística i Investigació Operativa, Universidad Politèctica de Catalunya; Unión Fenosa
Full time researchers5
Project codeDPI2005-09117-C02-01
Key Wordsresearch; stochastic programming; electricity markets; future contracts; bilateral contracts; regulation markets; project; public; competitive; micinn; energy
AbstractThe project aims at two new features: the simultaneous consideration of bidding power to the liberalized market and of bilateral contracts (between a generation company and a consumer client), given the future elimination of the current regulations discouraging bilateral contracts, and the developement of optimization procedures more efficient than those employed now to solve these problems. This higher efficiency will allow a more accurate modeling and solving larger real problems in reasonable CPU time. In this project, both modeling languages and commercially available solvers in the one hand, and our own optimization algorithms in the other are employed. The algorithms to be developed include the use of: interior-point methods, global optimization, column-generation methods, and Lagrangian relaxation procedures employing dual methods
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