SLOEGAT Project. Short and Long term Optimization of Energy Generation And Trading (Esprit 22695).

Publication TypeFunded research projects
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia
Type of participationFull time researcher
Funding organizationEuropean Union, ESPRIT Programme
PartnersUniversidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Iberdrola, Universidad de Aachen, VEW Alemania, SIEMENS Austria
Full time researchers4 (DEIO/UPC)
Project codeEsprit 22695
Key Wordsresearch; nonlinear network flows; side constraints; power systems; transmission network; short-term hydrothermal coordination; long-term hydrothermal coordination project; public; competitive; EU; energy
AbstractThe project aims to develop, implement and test, on a high performance computing platform, a software system to simulate and optimise the energy generation and trading coordination planning process in large electricity generating systems, both in the short (1 day-1 week) and medium to long term (one-two years). Special consideration will be given to this process to the growing importance of the energy trading problem in a deregulated market.
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