Modelling and Solution of Optimisation Problems

Publication TypeConference/School/Seminar attendance
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsF.-Javier Heredia
Event TypeWorkshop
Conference OrganiserBrunel University
Conference Dates20/06/2004
Conference LocationUxbridge, U.K.
Key WordsAMPL; AMPLStudio; research
AbstractOn Sunday 20 June 2004, there will be four parallel workshops on practical optimisation: MPL (Bjarni Kristjansson, Cormac Lucas), AIMMS (Jan Bisschop), AMPL (Robert Fourer, Patrick Valente) and LGO (Janos Pinter). Three of the workshop streams focus on MIP modelling staring with a simple application which is investigated and extended. By the end of the day the participants will not only have been instructed on how to model and solve efficiently their application but they will have been shown how to embed their applications as solutions behind Excel. During the course of the day each session will have case studies presented. The global optimisation workshop will be on applied nonlinear (global and convex) optimisation, with a focus on algorithm and software development and typically will include software demonstrations, as well as a review of engineering, economic, and scientific applications.
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