a web-based platform for solving statistical problems

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e-status is a tool for learning through the solution of numerical exercises. Basically, it is a platform for the teaching of statistics, but its features allow it to be used in any subject where calculation is a fundamental skill.

The teacher offers the students a series of problems parameterized by a model described through R commands, which allows variation in problem conditions. It also obtains the exact solutions of each question, and can assess the student's answers.

The student has access to the problems, which can be solved as many times as necessary: every attempt includes different information and is corrected automatically. The system can even provide immediate feedback after each response, if the teacher includes that in the model.

Access to e-status is individualized, after password authentication. All completed exercises and answers are saved, allowing users to access the histories: in the case of a student, their own; while a teacher may access all histories related to a specified subject, which facilitates follow-ups.