José Antonio González Alastrué

Dep. Estadística e Investigación Operativa (UPC)

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Aplicativos shiny

Si dejas correr este carrousel podrás ver unas capturas sobre cada uno de los aplicativos en los que he participado.

Manteniendo el ratón encima, aparece el título del aplicativo en la parte superior, y un menú para avanzar o retroceder más rápidamente.

Clica en la imagen si quieres utilizar el aplicativo (se abrirá en una pestaña nueva).

Shiny applications

This carrousel shows some snapshots from different applications in which I was directly involved.

The title of the application appears on top when the mouse cursor is positioned over the image, with a menu allowing to step back and forward faster.

Click on the image to try the app (a new tab will open).

List of applications so far

pcondicVenn Diagram, probabilities of events, conditional probability
probcoConditional probability
VPsPredictive values, sensitivity, specificity
XYZFrequency tables for three dichotomous variables; confusion and interaction; odds ratio with confidence interval
efectosA version of "VPs" focused on the elements that make science reliable
vardiscDiscrete random variables through dice; indicators; simulation, and a step towards the law of large numbers
VACContinuous random variables; modelling; simulation, and reference to parameter estimation
correCorrelation of two discrete random variables; independence of variables; conditional distributions
bombasPoisson model; a tribute to R.D. Clarke, and his study on the London bombing during WWII
binopoisComparison of Poisson and Binomial models
qqplotUse the quantile-quantile plot to assess probability distributions for data
ROCROC curves for both Normal and discrete responses
estimaEstimator properties, based on four different estimators for the maximum of a variable; analytical and simulated solutions
distmedDistribution of the sample mean; simulation; Central Limit Theorem
variabilityWhat is standard deviation and what standard error?
pollingRandom and nonrandom samples; estimation of a proportion with confidence intervals
mnasNonrandom sampling; sample proportion with no independent data; loss of confidence in confidence intervals; simulation
paresPaired samples; testing the difference of means by the mean difference; correlation
twomeansTwo independent samples; two-mean test; simulation; standard error; one-side and two-side testing
regreParameters of the linear model; the population line and the regression line; conditional distribution of response
a-ojoLeast squared residuals method; line estimation
modlinPremises of the linear model; distribution of the statistics; checking the violation of the premise; simulation; type I error risk
transfosCheck nonlinear transformations to improve compliance with the linear model premises.
BLUEOrdinary Least Squares; Least Absolute Deviations; properties of both estimators: bias and efficiency; linear estimator; simulation
anovaOne-way analysis of Variance; variability within and between the group; sum of squares simulation; testing the equality of means
regremediaRegression towards the mean
balanzasOverdetermined system; increasing accuracy of measures
hangmanAs its name suggests, just to play (yes, with R!)