MSc Thesis on distributed battery energy storage systems in energy retail markets

 Distributed BESS in a neighborhood. Image from Mr. M. Sisovs's MSc Thesis report.Last September 16 2016 Mr Maksims Sisovs, student of the "KIC InnoEnergy" Master of Science in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems defended their MSc Thesis A Study on Feasibility of the Distributed Battery Energy Storage Systems in Spanish Retail Electricity Market. This project was proposed by Minsait, an advanced technological consultancy from the Indra's group, and developed under my academical supervision. The objective of the study was to analyse the business opportunity of distributed battery energy storage systems deployed in residential neighbourhoods (LiIon batteries, both static devices and mobile through electrical vehicle). The methodology applied was based on the adaptation of the mathematical optimization model presented in the paper Economic analysis of battery electric storage systems operating in electricity markets (Heredia et al. 2015) to the data of the smart meters deployed by several electrical utilities (more than 20 millions of consumption readings). This work deserved the maximum grade, A+ with honours.