Short-Term Hydrothermal Coordination by Augmented Lagrangean Relaxation: a new Multiplier Updating

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBeltran, C.; Heredia, F. J.
Conference NameIX Congreso Latino-Iberoamericano de Investigación Operativa
Conference Date31-4/08/98
Conference LocationBuenos Aires, Argentina
Type of WorkContributed oral presentation
Key Wordsaugmented lagrangian relaxation; radar subgradient method; generalized unit commitment; research
AbstractAugmented Lagrangean Relaxation Method (ALRM) is one of the most powerfull technique to solve the Short­Term Hydrothermal Coordination Problem (STHC Problem ). A crucial step when using the ALR Method is the multipliers updating. In this paper we present an efficient new multiplier updating procedure: the Gradient Method with Radar Step. The method has been successfully tested solving large ­scale exemples of the STHC Problem
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