A stochastic programming model for the tertiary control of microgrids

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsLeire Citores; Cristina Corchero; F.-Javier Heredia
Conference Name12th International Conference on the European Energy Market
Conference Date19-22/05/2015
Conference LocationLisbon, Portugal
Type of Workcontributed presentation
Key Wordsresearch; MTM2013-48462-C2-1; microgrid; stochastic programming; scenario generation; wind power
AbstractIn this work a scenario-based two-stage stochastic programming model is proposed to solve a microgrid’s tertiary control optimization problem taking into account some renewable energy resource’s uncertainty as well as uncertain energy deviation prices in the electricity market. Scenario generation methods for wind speed realizations are also studied. Results show that the introduction of stochastic programming represents a significant improvement over a deterministic model.
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