A new MSc Thesis on vehicle routing in collaboration with Accenture.

 Sandra Orozco, a former student of the Interuniversity Master in Statistics and Operations Research UPC-UB , presented the MSc Thesis Rebalancing stocks among retail points of sale . She analysed a variant of the Vehicle Routing Problem where products are distributed from a depot to multiple retail stores using capacitated vehicles and not only the transportation cost but also the lost sales resulting from stock-outs at each location are minimized. Two exact formulations are proposed and solved both woth exact methods and metaheuristics. Moreover, an end-to-end solution is developed through the implementation of a visualization tool in R Shiny, which uses MySQL databases and shell calls to AMPL to simulate the process of a whole day. This thesis has been advised by myself, prof. Elena Fernéndez, from my same department, and Roman Buil, from Accenture.