Gestió òptima de l'energia en microxarxes amb incertesa a la producció i a la demanda.

Publication TypeTesis de Grau i Màster // BSc and MSc Thesis
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAlexandre Alonso Travesset
DirectorJordi De la Hoz Casas, F-Javier Heredia Cervera
Tipus de tesiMSc Thesis
TitulacióMaster in Statistics and Operations Research
CentreFaculty iof Mathematics and Statistics.
Data defensa09/2019
Nota // mark10 MH // A+
Key Wordsteaching; microgrids; electricity market; MSc Thesis
AbstractThe following Master Thesis involves the construction of a mathematical model aimed at evaluating the economic feasibility of microgrids, which are powered by renewable energy sources. These sources are characterized by their spatial and temporal variability, thus the need to use a statistical approach to forecast these variables becomes apparent. Furthermore, other uncertain variables such as the electrical demand and the market pool price contribute to the formulation of the program. State-of-the-art time-series based models are fitted in order to forecast the behaviour of the uncertain variables. Synthetic data arisen from simulations is drawn from these models in order to generate scenarios of probability. The scenarios are then reduced by means of the backward reduction algorithm in order to increase computational performance, and subsequently introduced in a two-stage stochastic program coded in AIMMS interface. Results show significant details about energy management and prove the suitability of using a stochastic approach rather than a deterministic one to perform the optimisation.
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