hybrid AC-DC grid

New MSc Thesis on optimal design of hybrid AC-DC offshore wind power plant topology through MIP.

Credits: Josep HomsThe MSc Thesis entitled A MIP formulation of a Hybrid AC-DC offshore wind power plant topology has been  defended by the student Josep Homs, from the Interuniversity Master in Statistics and Operations Research UPC-UB. This work has been advised by myself in collaboration with Cristina Corchero and Lucia Igualada from the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research. This thesis offers a simple, compact and small-sized MIP optimization model that models a hybrid off-shore wind farm design. The model has been tested with small off-sshore wind farms with 24 turbines and 7 platforms locations that may house up to 28 converters. The optimal solution has been obtained within 162 seconds, proving the great potential of the model. Next, the algorithm has been tested with a large realistic case involving 80 turbines and 10 platform locations that may house up to 40 power converters. In this case, the algorithm is able to find a feasible solution 10 milions EUR cheaper than standard current real-world layout designs in just six hours.

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