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Visit of prof. Eugenio Mijangos to UPC-BarcelonaTech

 Professor Eugenio Mijangos was visiting prof. F.-Javier Heredia at the UPC-BarcelonaTech research gropu GNOM during November 27 to 28 to start-up the tasks related with the research project FOWGEM . As a result, they are going to undertake the application of the implementation of the BFC algorithm developped by professor Mijangos to solve the multistage stochastic programming model for the multimarket optimal generation bid formulated by prof. Heredia and Dr. Corchero described in the work Efficient solution of optimal multimarket electricity bid models (Corchero, Heredia, Mijangos, DOI: 10.1109/EEM.2011.5953017). This is a previous step for the resolution of the IOGET model.

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