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F.-Javier Heredia, Workshop on Energy and Environment, , Girona, Spain, Universitat de Girona, 02/10/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "VII Conference Barcelona Global Energy Challenges", VII Conference Barcelona Global Energy Challenges, Barcelona, Spain, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, 28-29/06/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "VI Barcelona Global Energy Challenges", VI Barcelona Global Energy Challenges, Barcelona, Spain, Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya; MIT Industrial Liason Program; b_TEC, 2-3/06/2011. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Heredia, F. J., Spring School 2007. Stochastic Programming: theory and applications, , Bergamo, Italy, Department of Mathematics, Computing and Applications. Università degli studi di Bergamo, 10-20/04/2007. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "Recent Advances in Optimisation of Generation Operation", Electric Energy Systems University Enterprise Training Partnership, Clamart, France, Electricité de France (EDF), 25-26/03/1999. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, NETFLOW93: Network Optimization, Theory and Practice, , San Miniato, Italy, Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Pisa, 3-7/10/1993. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, Modelling and Solution of Optimisation Problems, , Uxbridge, U.K., Brunel University, 20/06/2004. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "KIC InnoEnergy CC Iberia", KIC InnoEnergy CC Iberia, Barcelona, Spain, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 07/06/2010. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "Jornada de treball Grup connect-EU Energia (FP7 2013)", Jornada de treball Grup connect-EU Energia (FP7 2013), Barcelona, Spain, Catalonia Institue for Energy Research, 17/07/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "Jornada d'Interacció Matemàtica-Indústria", Jornada d'Interacció Matemàtica-Indústria, Edifici Eureka, Parc de Recerca UAB, math-in Red Española Matemática-Industria, 30/11/2011. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, Introducción a SAS System, , Online, Serveis Tècnics de Recerca de la Universitat de Girona, 2-23/06/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, El almacenamiento de la electricidad, , Madrid, Spain, Fundación gas Natural fenosa, 17/02/2015. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "Energía: nuevos actores, nuevas tecnologías", Energía: nuevos actores, nuevas tecnologías, Barcelona, Fundación gas Natural Fenosa, 6-10/07/2015. Tagged XML BibTex
F.-Javier Heredia, "Exploratory Workshop on Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming", Exploratory Workshop on Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming: Theory, algorithms and applications, Sevilla, Spain, Mathematical Research Institute of the University of Sevilla (IMUS), 01-03/12/2010. Tagged XML BibTex