Three different researches I conduct regarding water.

Simulation of a river basin

One is related with the flow of the water in a defined environment, representing the river basins and other elements.


Sea level rise

The other research is related with the sea level rise in two different aspects, the representation, and the construction of a model to obtain the new level of the water. In the media section two videos showing the preliminary models are shown.


Black tide

The last research is related with the propagation of a black tide. In the figure is shown a propagation of petroleum over the sea surface using VRML language to represent the model.

Some media


Here you can see the sea level rise model in the city of New York. The model elevates the water aproximately 100 meters (its not real, here we are testing the web browser infraestructure to represent the simulation model).

 The same model in the city of Barcelona.


Some publications

If you have a question about the publications please feel free to ask me anything. 

ASM 2008

SDL formalization of a hidrological model.


June 23 – 25, 2008 Corfú (Grece)


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