The financial market experiment

We present an experiment that aims to simulate the figure of the broker, from the point of view of human behavior adding hunches and expectations too its decisions. As a starting point we use the paper of Veiga and Vorsatz, "Price manipulation in an experimental asset market”, a study that analyzes the influence on the behavior the other brokers due to an agent handle and a trading robot that performs with the intention of distort the market and thus, try to profit from their operations. In this research conducted by Veiga and Vorsatz, it is required the participation of real people whit the aim of analyze the behavior of the process of buying and selling a value in two separate rooms, one with the influence of manipulative agent and another without it. This article reproduces this experiment but using virtual brokers that belongs to a multi-agent simulation model. The main objective is to reproduce the experiment represented in the Veiga and Vorsatz paper using intelligent agents detailing the description of the psychological behavior of the brokers.

To execute the models you must download the zip files, extract it on a folder and execute the SDLPS engine. The file that rules the behavior of the model is SimBroker.sdlps. This file contains all the details of both models.
Remember that SDLPS can only be used to execute the models or for academic purposes. (POSAR LA LLICÈNCIA FORMAT UPC).

Low hunches model26.62 MB
SDLPS simulator31.04 MB

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